I asked my 11-year-old what he wants to be for Halloween.  He said, “Whatever helps me get the most candy.” I asked my 14-year-old what she wants to be for Halloween. She said, “Hmm.  I don’t know…” four days later… “…something scary and recognizable so I don’t have to tell people who I am.” Well, […]


So Marisa posted about ShutterCal on her pixel scrapper blog the other day which got me thinking… Which is easier – three hundred and sixty-five irl photos or 1000 digital photos? What would I do with those irl photos? Scrapbook them? Look at them once a year? Can I find a memorable shot in each […]


Last year we lost our two pecan trees during a spring tornado.  The trees shaded our front porch and more than half of the East side of our house.  We are sad not to have any pecans.  However, nature has rewarded us with these beautiful morning glories. A squash blossom snuck in with the morning […]

The author, Graham Moore, has a BA in Religious History.  But it is his love for the masters of mystery and macabre that shows through in The Sherlockian.  His book is a historic reveal and a modern mystery with a flair for the dramatic.  Murder, intrigue, and deception are prevalent in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s […]

Our organic garden gave up these lovely and delicious strawberries today. nom nom nom :D

Happy Mama’s Day to all you Mothers!

In an effort to share the smiles… Read this funny convo between the author of Pragmacat and her housemate (I’m guessing). She titled it FANCY LIVING. Me: I’m hungry. Mark: You could try some of the Easy Mac. LATER Mark: How is it? Me: Not as good as the real thing. Mark: *eyebrow raise* Me: […]


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