Book Review: The Sherlockian by Graham Moore

sherlockianThe author, Graham Moore, has a BA in Religious History.  But it is his love for the masters of mystery and macabre that shows through in The Sherlockian.  His book is a historic reveal and a modern mystery with a flair for the dramatic.  Murder, intrigue, and deception are prevalent in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s London as he tracks down murderers with his bosom buddy Bram Stoker after the ‘death’ of Sherlock and before the characters’ resurrection.  The second storyline takes place in modern times as a shy and devout Sherlockian is privy to a murder.  His mundane existence turns topsy-turvy.  He gets carried away with a lovely and brilliant (and complicated) journalist across the continent and back to find the murderer and Doyle’s Lost Journal.  Sherlockians’ view the lost journal as the holy grail and hope the answers to all the Sherlock questions are within.

Does our bumbling detective find the journal?  Does he solve the murder?  Does he get the girl?  What exactly were Doyle and Stoker up to in Victorian times?  Why did Doyle resurrect Sherlock?

Moore’s delivery invites the reader into the mind of a mystery writer.  He almost breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the reader with his deliberations over how much information to include and how many clues to keep hidden.  He makes his process part of the book – which I really enjoyed.

The satisfaction of a mystery, to me, is being able to guess most – but not all – of the answers before the end.  Moore was able to craft a story with enough clues to solve most of the mysteries, but not so many that I had no reason to finish the novel. I was curious (and smug) until the end. The delivery is subtle and the action is rollicking.  This as a perfect literary mystery to indulge in on a dark and stormy night.

Until next time ~ Storybook

Funny Reblog

In an effort to share the smiles…

Read this funny convo between the author of Pragmacat and her housemate (I’m guessing).

She titled it FANCY LIVING.

Me: I’m hungry.
Mark: You could try some of the Easy Mac.
Mark: How is it?
Me: Not as good as the real thing.
Mark: *eyebrow raise*


That is all.

Enjoy your day.


Storybook Detectives and GF Blueberry Cookies

We had a box of blueberries in the fridge, starting to turn into blueberry raisins.  My husband threatened to toss them out unless I could find a use for them.  I snickered.  “You could just eat them… open mouth, insert blueberry.”  He sneered, “Those blueberries are bitter.  I’ll open trash, insert blueberry, if that’ll make you happy.”  I laughed. He laughed.

In an attempt to make better than bitter blueberries I set my detective daughter on a hunt, for the perfect blueberry cookies recipe.  She found many.  But not the one we were looking for.  We had to improvise.  We made the dough the night before and let it chill until morning.  Then we baked those babies at 375 degrees for eleven minutes.

3/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 3/4 cup GF flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 TBS milk
2 cups blueberries


My detective son said, “I suspect these are not really cookies at all…”  I gave him a sidelong glance with a question on my face. “Oh yeah?”
“Nope,” he replied, “Not cookies. These are blueberry cake-ys.”
With the Bitter Blueberry mystery solved we moved on, bellies full of sweet blueberry cake-ys, waiting for another mystery to rise from the depths of the fridge.

Until next time…
This is the Storybook Detective Agency signing off.

Educational Youtube

We ship a lot of merchandise and sometimes we run across interesting addresses like:

Mr. British Soandso
PO Box 1234
London City, London EC2P 2EJ
England, United Kingdom

London – London?  What?  So we looked up this London City place, inside London, inside England, inside the UK on Google and found C.G.P. Grey.

C.G.P. Grey shares information in a fast-paced slide show format on youtube.  London City led to the Vatican City Pope/King and a definition of the only surviving electoral monarchy in the world today.  About ten videos later we came up for air.  The videos we watched fell under the political science umbrella, and were entirely enjoyable.

Just thought I would share.

Yummy Snack Box – In The Mail – Free!

So we’re snackers.  Being home all day every day is conducive to many snack sized meals, instead of three squares a day.  We aim for fruits and veggies with the occasional cookies and (shame on me) Little Debbie’s too.  I’d really like to have only healthy snacks in the house but I’m not the only eater, or grocery shopper, so that’s not going to happen if things stay the same.

But!  Things are about to change!  Twice a month I’m having yummy, hand-picked snacks delivered to my mailbox!  There’s this company called Graze.  They ship snacks to your house!  And if that’s not delicious enough, you can pick and choose which snacks you really love, and which snacks you never want to see in the mail. Look at these three snack options.


They have 87 other options that are just as yummy looking…  So, do you want a box?  Click on the link below to go to Graze’s website and get your free nom nom’s in the mail!

Happy New Year!
Happy Eating!