Last week, my Grandpa and Betty provided us with two deer legs for which we are grateful. Tonight, we roasted one of them. It was perfect (if I may say so myself). After rubbing it down with garlic, pepper, and Italian seasoning in an olive oil paste I put in on a rack, over a […]


A few weeks ago Keeker started uploading songs and covers to youtube.  Here’s a link to her channel: Samantha Starlight. She’s been playing guitar for 15 months and she really loves it. All this recording time led to her brother feeling a little left out. So, on Friday Ch and I gave Fish a guitalele. […]


Hey you! Today, I made an Instagram account. So yay, right? The button is over there —> in the sidebar. Here’s a direct link: Come follow me, or heart a photo and I will heart you back! This is my profile picture so you know you’ve found me, my toes really… I am so […]


Beautiful not too sunny day today. Getting to use the clothesline without freezing my fingers, yay. Shaking rugs and sweeping floors. Opening the windows and the doors. Still a shiver in the wind, at dusk we close up the house again. Hibernating animals begin to stir inside their nests. Spring forward.  Time to end the […]

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Homemade banana splits are the best. Here’s one for you. (:


Today I read Hamlet: The. Whole. Play. I fell asleep, literally, twice. I don’t know how many words I read in a state of half sleep, but at least I made it to the end. His insanity seemed almost tame, when compared to Kesey’s Cuckoo’s Nest which I am also reading for school. I would […]


Is your inbox a happenin’ place?  Mine is. Sometimes, I think about opening separate email accounts for each aspect of junk mail that fills up my inbox. One for blogs I’m subscribed too, one for friends, another for family, one for academics, one for all the sites that beg your address then send you 500 […]


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